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Index to the Ohio Grave Locations of War of 1812 Veterans and Patriots

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Summary of data by county (found 90 county names)

County Veteran Count Photo CountUnmapped CemeteriesCem Status
Adams70527Adams Status
Allen71 9Allen Status
Ashland12261Ashland Status
Ashtabula33419108Ashtabula Status
Athens87 50Athens Status
Auglaize9 2Auglaize Status
Belmont157 66Belmont Status
Brown65136Brown Status
Butler23 11Butler Status
Carroll126214Carroll Status
Champaign114229Champaign Status
Clark52 12Clark Status
Clermont130 39Clermont Status
Clinton27113Clinton Status
Columbiana2396046Columbiana Status
Coshocton42822Coshocton Status
Crawford67 21Crawford Status
Cuyahoga3445756Cuyahoga Status
Darke1882328Darke Status
Defiance58433Defiance Status
Delaware2532052Delaware Status
Erie113117Erie Status
Fairfield94142Fairfield Status
Fayette113 40Fayette Status
Franklin20416511Franklin Status
Fulton8 1Fulton Status
Gallia35115Gallia Status
Geauga2311447Geauga Status
Greene70 26Greene Status
Guernsey89 40Guernsey Status
Hamilton181167Hamilton Status
Hancock2016Hancock Status
Hardin2366Hardin Status
Harrison25 15Harrison Status
Henry34 10Henry Status
Highland58 18Highland Status
Hocking14 9Hocking Status
Holmes74591Holmes Status
Huron144 56Huron Status
Jackson67134Jackson Status
Jefferson73 34Jefferson Status
Knox44618Knox Status
Lake16129Lake Status
Lawrence22118Lawrence Status
Licking20612138Licking Status
Logan125122Logan Status
Lorain50 23Lorain Status
Lucas35127Lucas Status
Madison34113Madison Status
Mahoning134536Mahoning Status
Marion7837Marion Status
Medina26924213Medina Status
Meigs111 50Meigs Status
Mercer16 9Mercer Status
Miami301123Miami Status
Monroe1418Monroe Status
Montgomery179 24Montgomery Status
Morgan89 21Morgan Status
Morrow23 7Morrow Status
Muskingum166 56Muskingum Status
Noble19 15Noble Status
Ottawa20130Ottawa Status
Paulding19172Paulding Status
Perry42 29Perry Status
Pickaway3534117Pickaway Status
Pike47 20Pike Status
Portage30425619Portage Status
Preble44 23Preble Status
Putnam1316Putnam Status
Richland227475Richland Status
Ross120166Ross Status
Sandusky2276814Sandusky Status
Scioto21 13Scioto Status
Seneca521418Seneca Status
Shelby26 17Shelby Status
Stark110295Stark Status
Summit3673519Summit Status
Trumbull4191642Trumbull Status
Tuscarawas79 34Tuscarawas Status
Union553318Union Status
Unknown100 100Unknown Status
Van Wert31207Van Wert Status
Vinton16 6Vinton Status
Warren321 225Warren Status
Washington731432Washington Status
Wayne2961712Wayne Status
Williams3628Williams Status
Wood1765610Wood Status
Wyandot44613Wyandot Status
Lake Erie53 53Lake Erie Status

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