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Index to the Ohio Grave Locations of War of 1812 Veterans and Patriots
Status for Richland County

Note: If you would like to volunteer to photograph tombstones and/or collect data at cemeteries,
you may reserve a cemetery by clicking in the 'Reserved' column below.
The USGS Feature column lists the standard USGS name for the cemetery if different than the name listed.
If 'unmapped' is listed, we have not yet determined the location or standard USGS name.
Cemetery Name USGS Feature Alternate Name Veteran Count Photo Count GPS Count Plot file Reserved
Adams-Bodley-Dick CemeteryHazel Brush CemeteryHazel Brush Cemetery, Adams Cemetery300 Reserve/Volunteer
Adario Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Bellville Cemetery  1200 Reserve/Volunteer
Bethlehem Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Blooming Grove Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Bunker Hill Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Caesarea Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Clay Lutheran CemeteryClay Memorial CemeteryClay Memorial Cemetery500 Reserve/Volunteer
Croneis Lutheran CemeteryMount Olive CemeteryMount Olive Cemetery100 Reserve/Volunteer
Dutch Hill Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Evarts Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Ganges Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Greenlawn (Crestline) Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Greenlawn (Plymouth) Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Lexington Cemetery  1900 Reserve/Volunteer
Little Washington Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Lydia Gano CemeteryOld Center CemeteryOld Center Cemetery100 Reserve/Volunteer
Mansfield CemeteryMansfield City CemeteryMansfield City Cemetery4110 Reserve/Volunteer
Mount Hope Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Mount Olivet Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Odd Fellows Cemetery  333  
Old Salem Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Pine Run Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Pioneer Rest Cemetery  700 Reserve/Volunteer
Pleasant Hill Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Pleasant Valley Baptist Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Pleasant Valley Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Rome Presbyterian CemeteryPresbyterian CemeteryPresbyterian Cemetery400 Reserve/Volunteer
Saint Johns CemeterySaint John Cemetery 300 Reserve/Volunteer
Shambaugh Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Shelby-Oakland Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Shenandoah Cemetery  500 Reserve/Volunteer
Troy Cemetery  800 Reserve/Volunteer
Union Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Webster Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Windsor Park Cemetery Woodhouse, Windsor-Woodhouse Cemetery500 Reserve/Volunteer
Zeiters CemeteryZeiter Cemetery 100 Reserve/Volunteer
Zion CemeteryFour Corners CemeteryFour Corners Cemetery100 Reserve/Volunteer
Barr Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Cass Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Church of God Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Crider Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Easterly Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
Evangelical German Reformed Cemeteryunmapped   400 Reserve/Volunteer
Franklin Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Franklin Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Garber-Yarger Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Hastings Presbyterian Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
London Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
Mount Zion Cemeteryunmapped   300 Reserve/Volunteer
Nave-Marlow Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
near Shelby Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Oakland Cemeteryunmapped   500 Reserve/Volunteer
Old Mount Olivet Cemeteryunmapped   700 Reserve/Volunteer
Old Presby. Ch. Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Opdyke Cemeteryunmapped   300 Reserve/Volunteer
Pettit Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Pittenger-Wolford-Osbun Cemeteryunmapped   400 Reserve/Volunteer
Rome Presbyterian Church Cemeteryunmapped   400 Reserve/Volunteer
Salem Lutheran Cemeteryunmapped   300 Reserve/Volunteer
Secrist-Tarres Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Troy Township Cemeteryunmapped   300 Reserve/Volunteer
Unknown Cemeteryunmapped   2200 Reserve/Volunteer

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