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Index to the Ohio Grave Locations of War of 1812 Veterans and Patriots
Status for Erie County

Note: If you would like to volunteer to photograph tombstones and/or collect data at cemeteries,
you may reserve a cemetery by clicking in the 'Reserved' column below.
The USGS Feature column lists the standard USGS name for the cemetery if different than the name listed.
If 'unmapped' is listed, we have not yet determined the location or standard USGS name.
Cemetery Name USGS Feature Alternate Name Veteran Count Photo Count GPS Count Plot file Reserved
Berlin Heights Baptist Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Birmingham Cemetery  500 Reserve/Volunteer
Bloomingville Cemetery  1800 Reserve/Volunteer
Cable Cemetery  600 Reserve/Volunteer
Castalia Cemetery  1100 Reserve/Volunteer
Fort Avery Cemetery Camp Avery, Fort Huron (marker)200 Reserve/Volunteer
Huron Cemetery  800 Reserve/Volunteer
Milan Cemetery  700 Reserve/Volunteer
Oak Bluff Cemetery  210 Reserve/Volunteer
Oakland CemeterySandusky CemeterySandusky Cemetery1000 Reserve/Volunteer
Orchard Beach CemeteryCuddleback CemeteryCuddleback Cemetery100 Reserve/Volunteer
Parker CemeteryCarter Cemetery 100 Reserve/Volunteer
Perkins Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Poyer Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Sand Hill CemeterySandhill Cemetery 600 Reserve/Volunteer
Scotts Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Washborn CemeteryMaple Grove CemeteryMaple Grove Cemetery500 Reserve/Volunteer
West End Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Baptist Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Catawba Island Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Deyo-Rolls Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Erie County Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Far Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
graveyard in woods Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Sandusky OH* Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Unknown Cemeteryunmapped   800 Reserve/Volunteer
Vernon Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Weatherlow Tract (moved) Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer

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