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Index to the Ohio Grave Locations of War of 1812 Veterans and Patriots
Status for Columbiana County

Note: If you would like to volunteer to photograph tombstones and/or collect data at cemeteries,
you may reserve a cemetery by clicking in the 'Reserved' column below.
The USGS Feature column lists the standard USGS name for the cemetery if different than the name listed.
If 'unmapped' is listed, we have not yet determined the location or standard USGS name.
Cemetery Name USGS Feature Alternate Name Veteran Count Photo Count GPS Count Plot file Reserved
Achor Valley Cemetery Achor Baptist Cemetery770  
Bethel Church (Knox Township) Cemetery Bethel Reformed Cemetery200 Reserve/Volunteer
Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery  16110 Reserve/Volunteer
Bethesda Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Blackmore (gone) Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Bowman Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Calcutta Cemetery  500 Reserve/Volunteer
Carlisle Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Christian CemeteryNew Alexander CemeteryChristian Cemetery330  
Church Hill Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Clark Family Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Clarkson Cemetery  600 Reserve/Volunteer
Columbiana Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Cuppy Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
East Palestine Quaker Cemetery Boatman Cemetery600 Reserve/Volunteer
Figley Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Frederick Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Grandview Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Hart Cemetery  210 Reserve/Volunteer
Hawk-Sanor Cemetery Sanor Cemetery200 Reserve/Volunteer
Highlandtown Cemetery Highlandtown M.E.500 Reserve/Volunteer
Hope Cemetery  800 Reserve/Volunteer
Jordanville Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Kembles Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Koch Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Lisbon Cemetery  32120 Reserve/Volunteer
Longs Run Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Madison Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Mennonite Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Moultrie Chapel Cemetery  430 Reserve/Volunteer
Mount Zion Cemetery Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery320 Reserve/Volunteer
New Lebanon Cemetery  220  
New Waterford Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
North Georgetown Cemetery  110  
Oak Ridge Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Phillips Christian CemeteryPhillips Cemetery 330  
Quaker Hill CemeteryQuaker Ridge CemeteryQuaker Ridge Cemetery100 Reserve/Volunteer
Reading Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Saint Jacobs Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Scotch Settlement Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Spring Grove Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Spring Hill Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Township Line Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Trinity Reformed Church CemeteryTrinity Cemetery 660  
Unity Brick Church Cemetery  800 Reserve/Volunteer
West Beaver Cemetery West Beaver U.P.300 Reserve/Volunteer
Woodsdale Cemetery  970 Reserve/Volunteer
Yellow Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery  320 Reserve/Volunteer
Caskill Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
East Fairfield Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
East Liverpool OH* Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Fairfield Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
German Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
Grove Hill Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Gurney Wiburite Friends Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Gurney-Wilburite Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Hanover Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Hanover Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Jacobs Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Madison Presbyterian Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
Madison Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Madison Twp Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Middle Sandy Evangelical Presbyterian Church Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
North Beaver Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Old Salem Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Quaker Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
Saint Michael Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Springhill Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Unity Cemeteryunmapped   300 Reserve/Volunteer
Unity M. E. Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Unity Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Unknown Cemeteryunmapped   1300 Reserve/Volunteer
Washingtonville OH* Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Wayne Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
West Township Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer

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