Ohio Society United States Daughters of 1812
Index to the Ohio Grave Locations of War of 1812 Veterans and Patriots
Status for Carroll County

Note: If you would like to volunteer to photograph tombstones and/or collect data at cemeteries,
you may reserve a cemetery by clicking in the 'Reserved' column below.
The USGS Feature column lists the standard USGS name for the cemetery if different than the name listed.
If 'unmapped' is listed, we have not yet determined the location or standard USGS name.
Cemetery Name USGS Feature Alternate Name Veteran Count Photo Count GPS Count Plot file Reserved
Amsterdam Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Arabia CemeteryArabian Cemetery 200 Reserve/Volunteer
Augusta Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Baxters Ridge Cemetery  320 Reserve/Volunteer
Bethel Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Bethlehem Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Carter-Crawford Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Corinth-Mechanicstown Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Grandview Cemetery  2100 Reserve/Volunteer
Greenbrier-West Union Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Harlem Springs Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Harmony Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Harsh-Swamp Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Heitz Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Kilgore Presbyterian Cemetery  1300 Reserve/Volunteer
Leavittsville Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Leesville Cemetery  1700 Reserve/Volunteer
Malvern Catholic CemeterySaint Xavier CemeterySaint Xavier Cemetery100 Reserve/Volunteer
Minerva Valley CemeteryMinerva CemeteryMinerva Cemetery600 Reserve/Volunteer
Moorehead Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Mount Olivet Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Mount Tabor Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
New Hagerstown Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
New Harrisburg Cemetery  300 Reserve/Volunteer
Perrysville United Brethren Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Saint Lukes Cemetery  600 Reserve/Volunteer
Scroggsfield Cemetery  400 Reserve/Volunteer
Seceders Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Simmons Ridge Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Snyder Cemetery  100 Reserve/Volunteer
Zion Cemetery  200 Reserve/Volunteer
Grandville Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Perrysville M. E. Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Saint Marys Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer
Stillfork Cemeteryunmapped   200 Reserve/Volunteer
Unknown Cemeteryunmapped   800 Reserve/Volunteer
Valley Cemeteryunmapped   100 Reserve/Volunteer

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